Along For The Ride

I made a little headway this week. Received a bit of help for my daughters from Fort McMurray. Trying to juggle it all! My mom used say to me that no matter how old your kids become, you are always a mother. I really understand that now. The worry never changes, the desire to move mountains for your children to see them happy is ever present, especially in times of crisis. I wish I could just change some things for my girls, as old as they are. Oh, no…can’t say too much about that because then that ages me. I like the fountain of youth idea! I’m just so happy to have them close again, if even just for a little while.
I promised myself that I would rehearse everyday this week for the upcoming show – but guess what? Life happens! I’m in for the ride! I’ve decided that whatever time I get to prepare, I’ll give God 100% of my focus.  I ask God each time I begin to sing to “take me over.” Without that, I know I will just be another singer. I don’t want to be just another singer. When I open my mouth I want people to feel the spirit of God touch them through this voice. There is just no excuse for me to do otherwise!
I find that as I practice, I break down each time. When I reach this point, I know I am where I need to be. Close to Him!
I just worship!
Can’t wait to worship Sunday May 22, 2016. Nathan Phillips Square…Here I come!