Born with a purpose

Over the years, I have heard the above phrase and I really relate to it. Shortly after my birth, I developed spinal meningitis. I had water around my brain and other complications that come with such a diagnosis. The doctors did what they could and sent me home with my parents. The prognosis? It was said that I would never be “a normal child” for my parents. The doctors told them clearly; “she will be deaf, dumb, blind and may never walk.”

I think of this often and when I do, it brings tears to my eyes that God saw fit to allow me to defy those odds! The fact that I survived was a miracle in those days. Everything I did in my parents’ eyes was “a miracle.”  I went on to accomplish so much, achieving success in education, music and theater, even winning the lead roles of Sarah in the musical Ragtime and Mrs. Mueller in the play Doubt.  This is incredible to me! From some of these accomplishments I have received recognition through the media -television, newspapers and radio – and multiple awards for my efforts in spreading the gospel through my music.

Yet, I live with the sense that God expects more from me. This is what fuels my mission to continue to spread the gospel on a massive scale. I refuse to allow excuses; that my life is too busy, complicated or already full. I do this because I am committed to God’s purpose for this life which He saved, several times over. He died on the cross for me and then gave me an opportunity to win the world for Him, using the gift of the voice He has given me.

The message in the music

Whenever I take a moment to reflect upon the world in which we live, it is clear that we are in Serious Times. Yet, in the midst of such dire straits, He continually shows Himself to be Our Father. He is Awesome and Indestructible!  He is not always found where I expect Him to be. He’s there when life takes me On The Mountain, or as I struggle to overcome the trappings of  Sin.

There is always Good News to be found in His word, or in the positive human relationships He allows me to experience as reminders of His love. It doesn’t matter what life dishes out; Even So, He is ever present and never gives up on me!

Sometimes, the chaos and challenges of daily living drowns out the sound of His voice, and I realize that I have been needlessly battling on my own. When this happens, I Confess all my problems and failings, casting my burdens at His feet. He has always been my refuge and comforter.  Then, I Get Online, and find a place in my life where I can receive His purpose for me. This is what He does for me. That is how I find myself ready to inspire others through music.


Discovering God’s purpose

Humans are interesting beings! We come from different cultures and ethnicity. We don’t all look alike; think alike or feel the same things at the same time. We are unique, each having our own purpose. This album celebrates this fact with songs born from various genres; some classical in nature; reggae; dance, ballads, even hip hop. As an inspirational artist, I recognize that I only may have one opportunity to win another soul for Christ. It is my hope that this album holds something for everyone; even those who do not yet know God. So, before you hit eject on that CD your friend casually asked you check out; please, take a moment to really listen. You just might discover a connection to a musical message that could maybe, one day, help you learn YOUR PURPOSE in life.


« We don’t all look alike; think alike or feel the same things at the same time. We are unique, each having our own purpose. This album celebrates this fact. »
– Lorraine Harris