Doubting Thomas – God Revealed!

Something happened recently that made me realize that I have such little faith, just like “Doubting Thomas. ” I have been talking to God lately while driving , about my ministry. This sense of not doing enough has been bothering me lately. I took a leap of faith and released the song, Get Online , as a single. It is one of the songs on my latest CD. My husband and I truly were convicted that this particular song could reach the general marketplace. We wanted to get the single played on as many radio stations as possible, do some interviews and really try to push this song. We just could not find anyone capable of taking on this project and helping us fulfill this goal and on top of that it looked like it was going to cost a lot in order to make this happen. I started to wonder if this was just of us and not inspired by God because it seemed the tools we needed to move this project were just not surfacing.
On top of that, with all the negative things happening recently, I wondered if I should just give up on this ministry.
Just when I started to doubt, God above decided to show me His realness in my life and to me, His letting me know that He is with me on this journey to minister in music.
Let me create the picture for you. It was a Wednesday and I was at an afternoon meeting. A text came in on my cell. It was a gentleman I met at the LINK Festival ( at which I’d ministered and hosted in September). He has a radio show and had taken one of my CDs. He texted me to let me know that he had been playing the CD; that people liked it and he’d like to do an interview. My spirit felt that this was a small confirmation from God above. I was grateful for this small confirmation.
As if that wasn’t enough, later that day around 5 pm I received a call from G98.7 Fm in Toronto. I wondered what they wanted with me. I had dropped off a CD just before the summer was out but had not followed up. The man on the phone identified himself and told me that the radio station was releasing a Best of Canada Compilation CD using artist from Canada. To my surprise, they wanted to use  one of my songs from the CD.
You wouldn’t believe which song? Yes, Get Online! The same one we released as I single. They wanted to use that track on the compilation. What an honor. My gospel song to be released with other artists. The station would be investing a lot of money into promoting and marketing the compilation and the songs would be played on regular rotation.

Everything I wanted for this single but could not see how it would happen, in one afternoon, God provided a way! No one could ever have told me that this is the way it would happen. This is a fabulous opportunity to meet a mass audience and I didn’t have to do anything besides drop off a CD. I had no idea this compilation was in the works! Timing is everything!
God does not always do things on our time and the way we plan it out in our heads. I could never have thought that this was how the songs was going to be exposed.
God promised in His word to not harm us but to prosper us. I had been feeling like I was just being harmed left right and center and in one day God showed me is realness in two different situations pertaining to my ministry. This opportunity is God given and I thank him and can’t wait to see where this all goes. He does take our little faith and make something BIG!
If I could encourage someone who thinks just like me at times, I would use this example to say that God is real! Just be patient and wait on Him. His ways are clearly not our ways!! So, no I won’t quit ministering. There is a plan for me! There is a plan for you! Don’t ever give up! Keep talking to God and tell him your desires and let Him work it out. Don’t take it on! NO more doubting Thomas!