It takes “Grit”- Just Keep Moving, Keep Doing!

To take on the journey trying to inspire others through ministry requires a certain amount of “grit!” Thanksgiving weekend, I was so looking forward to singing at a 3 day Convention. As the time got closer, I began to lose my voice. I waited, treated the cold and prayed for a miracle. I thought I would have to cancel but ultimately, I decided to trust God and sing. You see, when I chose to embark on this journey, I made a commitment to only give God my best. So if my voice was not in the best form, I usually made a decision that I would not sing. However, I went against what made “sense” under the circumstances and took the “faith is the essence of things unseen,” route.  This required some real “grit.” Once this decision was made,  I could not think about what if ” voice fails?” I just had to ” trust.” So, I prayed and left it there.

Well, night one…I opened my mouth and a “voice” came out. No one would ever have known I was voiceless that very evening.

The guest speaker that night spoke into my life, like nothing I’d ever heard before. People were touched and blessed by what God had done through my voice. So, Saturday came, and my voice was gone again but I was determined. The minister’s wife called and they requested I sing; a very challenging song. Though I was not sure my voice could handle it, again I just took the approach of “faith.” God brought me through in a mighty way that Friday night and guess what? Saturday was even more powerful. The power of His presence was evident. That night, as I left the venue and headed for the long ride home, came another “attack!”, as I call it.  The car made a terrible noise. That night, the engine almost blew up. The night was long and the story has so many details, it would be far too long to tell, so I’ll simply say this: I made it home around 5-6 am that Sunday morning; I’d had to call my son to drive me home from Toronto. Now, I had no car to take me back for the last day of ministry!

Once again, I almost cancelled, but I persevered! My son drove me back into Toronto so I could be there for 12:30. I was operating on 3 hours’ sleep, and had a migraine, but just gave it to God, opened my mouth and sang. Each day, as the attacks intensified, the ministry grew stronger. Things happened in that service. God moved. Oh, the car took several days to repair, and was quite costly. Amazingly, the church blessed me with a monetary gift that turned out to be exactly the amount  it took to repair the car. No more , no less! Go figure! God has a sense of humor and clearly once again demonstrated to me that He takes care of my every need. I knew without a doubt that He knew everything that was to happen long before it came to be, and He handled everything down to the last detail; even the money needed to fix my car was provided!

If you are struggling and can’t make big steps..take baby steps and God will walk with you through each challenge. Even when things look dark, just keep moving, keep trusting; the victories will come!

I really love God!!!