Fun fact; when she’s not on stage, Lorraine is also an Additional Language (EAL) instructor. Her background spans over 18 years of focus on the elementary, secondary and University levels of instruction. Urban Alphabeats is a marriage of her teaching and musical skills, and was borne out of the need for the creation of a method that would encourage EAL students to learn letter sounds quickly, and in a way that they would enjoy. Urban Alphabeats’ funky musical style brings letter sound learning to life. Educators have been successfully using the resource in its pilot stage, even adapting actions from other programs they’ve used to its music. Others, along with their students devise their own actions to help retain the letter sounds. The encouragement of these teachers and their demand for this product led to its being brought to life. Download it now and enjoy real results!

Urban Alphabeats is available for purchase:

  1. Here on lorraineharrismusic’s Resources page
  2. Via Teachers Pay Teachers
  3.  On Ebay