The Journey To Get Online: How It All Turned Out

Saturday April 23 was a day full of adventure. I did so much running around to prepare for this video. So many people were unable to come. I was getting cancellation after cancellation but I just kept going. I had a goal in mind. The video had to get done. I went to bed praying and putting ever inch of the production in God’s hands.

I got a good night’s rest and was ready to go Sunday. I was thrilled to see that more people came out than I expected! We gathered and prayed and just decided to have fun!

It was a fabulous experience! All who participated were not all believers and that was the best part! We all got together for the love of the music without labelling it…gospel, secular! We all were just there because we loved the music!  That’s my dream; that all music, including inspirational music can be heard on any radio station regardless of genre! We talk about discrimination in terms of race, religion etc. yet in some industries such as music, it continues to be a challenge to have radio embrace the wonderful message in the music.

So, I continue to invest my family’s funds into the music I love and hope that the videos, this being the first from the album, will propel people to take a closer look and love the music! I can only do my part. I don’t need riches but I would like when people see each video and listen to the songs that they are not bored; they can find even one song to relate to; they can find joy in the music and they can even find a place of peace on a day that may not necessarily be peaceful. We all have some of those days!!!



P.S.: Stay tuned for when I premiere the official video for “Get Online”! Can’t wait!