The Journey To Get Online: Preparation

Preparing for a video is a ton of work, especially when you are arranging it yourself. It’s great to have the opportunity to have the personal touch but there is a nervous excitement I feel inside. Will it turn out the way I thought? Will everyone show up? Will we get it done in the expected time? Will it enhance the song? Will it touch the people who watch it? I have so many things to do this week!

With all this worry, I stop and I remember that I am not in control. God is in control of every detail. Yes, I have to do my part but ultimately, I have only so much control. I can control my worry by leaving it with God.
So, I commit the rest of this week God to you. Every detail of this video belongs to you. I really want to live what I say I believe. Now is the time, when I am being tested, let me relax and pass with flying colors.