Where Did Summer Go? A Reflection.

I was so excited for summer to arrive! Two months to breath or so I thought but from the first day of the summer, the days ran away with me. I had so many plans. Maybe take the family and go to Jamaica. Maybe some day trips. Rest, relax get together with old friends. I really looked forward to opportunities to minister!

We did some of those things…but my excitement was interrupted when my husband got hit by a car. The good news? He survived and for that I thank God. We made it through all that. Took the children on some day trips and ended the summer with the most awesome visit to Ottawa. The joy on our children’s faces is something I will never forget. It’s moments like these that make life special. The time we take with our children, they carry with us.

As summer ended, my aunt who I was so close to passed away unexpectedly. As we live life I understand we are in the midst of death yet it still hurts when a loved one leaves this earth.

The great news is that she had a great relationship with the Lord. She loved God. I still cry sometimes just because I really miss her. Now I put my energy into being there for her only child so that she knows she is not alone.

Then I caught my breath and hosted the Link Multicultural Festival where I had a chance to minister in music  and meet people from all walks of life. I was re-energized!

Finally, my 9 year old son was also  hit by a car during the first week of school. Two family hits in short period of time. God treats loves us all the same so as much as I love God, I am no more protected what appears to be bad things happening.

My son is now struggling with back pain but I trust God to resolve all these situations in His time.

With all this I say, that’s life. People often ask me, how do you do it Lorraine? You find time to minister despite all these circumstances. I can only say, God gives me the strength.

Where did the summer go? Only God knows!!